Barry Hargan and Associates LLC is in the business of providing easily accessible “One-Stop-Shopping” for criminal law attorneys in need of quality experts and evaluations. We provide a comprehensive menu of evaluations and disciplines when preparing sentencing and alternative to revocation reports, to forensic and clinical psychological examinations, sex offender risk assessments, Ch. 980 examinations and reviews (in Wisconsin) and forensic pharmacological examinations. All examinations are supported by testimony as needed by our experts. Those experts are virtually all degreed at the Master’s or Doctorate levels and all staff are licensed in their respective disciplines.

Barry Hargan and Associates LLC also includes in its array of services a Death Penalty Panel which provides evaluations and experts for criminal law attorneys involved in capital murder cases. The specialties include Forensic Pharmacology, Neuropsychology and Addictive Disorders

Expert Testimony

Post-Conviction Evaluations

Sex Offender Risk Assessments

Alternative to Revocation Reports

Forensic Pharmacological Examinations

Chapter 980 Examinations and Reviews

Alternative Presentence Investigation Reports

Forensic and Clinical Psychological Examinations

Forensic Substance Abuse Evaluations in Capital Murder Cases


The Company Philosophy which binds us all together here at Barry Hargan & Associates is our belief that most criminal behavior is rooted in clinical, cognitive or organic disorders. That is why those disorders, when left undiagnosed or ineffectively managed by the offender, other clinicians or probation and parole professionals, may:

  1. Contribute to criminal behavior and criminal recidivism.
  2. Contribute to violations or new offenses while on supervision.
  3. Be mismanaged while on supervision through ineffective case management when probation or parole agents do not have the appropriate credentials, training or experience to facilitate effective case outcomes.
  4. Serve as mitigation in preparing our reports or when you are preparing for sentencing.

That is why we have staffed our network with clinicians who are trained and experienced not only in identifying the clinical disorders driving the offending behavior, but who are also able to prescribe the appropriate conditions, treatment options and other useful information that will assist in reducing the potential to re-offend. The courts and attorneys on both sides have expressed time and again over the years their appreciation of this useful information.

That is why our company philosophy has enabled us to be effective and successful as a team!


Barry Hargan & Associates LLC provides you with a panel of well-respected experts in the following areas for your review:

Sentencing and Disposition Specialists
Court Interpretation for Spanish-speaking Offenders
Forensic Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Actuarial Sex Offender Risk Assessment
Chapter 980s (Wisconsin)
Forensic Pharmacology

~ Curricula Vitae Available Upon Request. ~


Barry Hargan & Associates LLC is a forensic evaluation and consultation service which provides the following forensic evaluations for criminal litigation cases:


Evaluations are supported as needed by expert testimony, and our services are always available to both sides for the same fee schedule.

We accept both private and public sector funding for evaluations and testimony.


In order to make a referral, you may place an order by contacting our corporate office and ask to speak with Barry Hargan who can be reached at


Your referral will be triaged to the most appropriate Associate depending on the type of service your require, the discipline necessary to conduct that service and your client’s geographic location.

Our Associates travel within their own region while our Associates on our Death Penalty Panel travel nation-wide as needed.


National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates and Mitigation Specialists

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

American College of Certified Forensic Counselors

National Association of Forensic Counselors

Dr. James O’Donnell (forensic pharmacologist)

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